dj andi in the mix episode 136


Smiglett 03

Why is this in my recommend 😂😂

Nagadurgaprasad Ch

What was maximum speed of the mini car?

Mrs Mitchi

Am I the only one who wants to sit with Ateez and some friends on the beach, listening to their album. Partying and just having fun like there is no tommorrow?

Ginger Ninja


Mackenzie Eaton

I’m so sorry

Desamah Sackor

I love the catch

Mark Budda

Laughed my face off at, DELICIOUS DOUGHNUTS SPOTTED, :)


“Hit or miss guess they never miss huh”

Zachary Merrifield


Miguel Jorge

2:17 Nathan Drake?

Rigo Rodriguez

Can panda show his fac

Maxi DaHood

Doge- Ending ^^


no joke i love recees and grape crush!

An infuriated gay

Brayden latimer


Jessie Alba

He’s recording when he said not to and I think he’s annoyed about that. Which they should’ve respected that 🤦🏻‍♀️


Tyler and Cody were doing the Lebron James celebration so good until Cody messed up at the end

The reason behind the title is that she feels safe and loved. When her step mom came into her life, as her dad’s friend, she began a bond, a mother bond. But when she started the dad, the girl got furious, and got into a fight (like any other family typically). Then, the women helped her and calmed her and gave advice like any other mother. When her step mom married her father, she got closer. Soon, they became so close they felt like true family. So she became a true mom. Even though she is the girls step mom, she acted like a real mom. So she was the girls true mom.

Rup Victoria

The Notebook and Dear John be like 😊

Speciale Aperta

Great movie, great video!!

Carson Stilp

More stereotype videos please I love them

Kaique Cardoso

Algum BR