Eu te esperarei musica romantica

Panela brito



Lucky Titan

that sword looks very sharp!

Timothy Bent

ok, so I live an hour away from Orlando. Orlando has no beaches it is in the middle on the sate.


Do you know how to read?

Violets are blue

Seeta Silas

DUDE to 888111

Andhika Naufal

the easter eggs just the same as saints row the third

Chad Wilkinson

I have a twin to! And we are identical.You guys are the best! My sister got hurt once and I showed her one of your stereotypes and she got better very quickly,and she stopped crying. Thank you! You are awesome!

Ace 09

what console were u playing this on?

Zilla time

I play baseball

Patrick Watson

I was wondering my friend do you think maybe you could make a stromboli as big as a log you know and honor of The Lion King movie that's going to be coming out in July

Where is games with concequnces

Donald Trump

“IG accounts above their heads” bruh I already follow all of em, rest of cowboys, official cowboys IG and the fucking cheerleaders


Youtuber Soppy el Maniquí

Do u play coc

Canal Cerrado



Hey! Where's Coby? (Is that his name? lol) He's missing from thing video.

christina cook

Rage monster needs to stop he is destroying every thing

Vanessa Rodriguez


Bryan Mendez

ricardo = GOAT


wasn't funny 

Cash Felipe

Who watch in 2018?

adasasdsdh dhasdhadahs

just commit oof


U guys r also dude crazy xP

Abood A1

5 Pointer 😂😂😂

WarShock12 Gt

Don’t worry you might see him in hell or heaven idk

Tim Xman

Another small easteregg in the game is that it’s 2 gas stations ⛽️ called Roxxon. It’s a reference to Cloak and Dagger. They just got their own TV show recently and they team up with Miles Morales in the Ultimate Comics Books quite often.


So thus is the dubbed crew? Wow

Ravikumar Rathnam

Coby can win the best game 🎉🎉🎉


 the car  in the first one i f***ing knew it when i was playing it