DaBaby - Carpet Burn (Official Music Video)

DaBaby - Carpet Burn (Official Music video)Billion Dollar Baby Ent.Dir x @ReelGoatsDirector of Photography/Editor @ricodidit@reelgoats @iamspicyrico @gemini.one1DaBaby - Carpet BurnListen: Music: #BabyOnBaby #carpetburnSCMG/InterscopeBaby on Baby Album out on all stream platforms!!!


I think the only thing that bugs me about all the pro and anti #2 talk in this show is the fact that no one is really giving credit to the Raptors for just playing really good ball and are making themselves hard to win against.

Dylan Davis

Flour blows up, Who knew?

Brooks Sweger


Pope Urban II

This story is fake. Everyone knows that the mom ALWAYS gets custody.

Ха Ти

Rickman’s voice is the best trigger ever

samir rios

when tieler did duobl shot 🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇

Valla 07

1-Cierra el puño


I fear death.... because I don't know what happens after death......where do you go?

Octobercatz lovepiez

That's so sweet


Did anyone else just come for him making fun of how us aussies speak 😂



Gurkenesser 44

Team Ty

Miguel Salgado Tavares

Is this someone here with Asperger too???

Durpy springtrap lover 369

Soooooo sad but I love the last part

Nuddle KID

ive read this in a book called when the worst happend

Ekrem Emin

She can't pronounce some words correctly and she sounds weird. My opinion.

Ferenc Kementzey


Plz be ok I doggo haven


Yeah it´s Guru time :D

The DUME Guy Show

I like how Ty always has a different signature entrance haha”


J.K Rowling!!!!




Durant offers spacing. Kawhi and Siakam need to guard him one on one. Just don’t leave players like Curry and Thompson open.

Ravenous Basilisk

nice job, but i dont really think that Dear Esther's eggs is actually eggs, its maybe part of gameplay, just saying that sometimes that ghostly persons can be seen pretty obviously through the whole game, sometimes pretty close to you



serge roos

the left hand thing is a reference to bioshock 1 andd 2 whit electro bolt

Desired Activity

So different now and before.

Bahtiyar Istiyarno

i see more easter egg in cs, try play in spectator mode.. :D

Paul Johnson



next up: my wife left me before I got rich (Jeff Kinney)

And your videos always had a nice touch to them, just really entertaining.


sees Eye of providence, "aaaaaayyyyy!!!"


You re the best easter egg youtuber for me !

Love you man

kito !!

I can't feel bad for the blonde girl. She's playing victim. She's cruel to an extreme point...

Tatiana Santos

Aqui é Brasil

Salove D'silva

There is something in your heart that will hep you. You just need to wake him up :hint (the holy spirit)

Gunna: 0:31

Liel R

Wow you’re such a kind person with a big heart! 💛 You made a really good job and I wish for you only good 💝

Elijah Ellis

When can you ship me the painting

You will be the best at something I say

Paru Mahesh

O:57 that face though lol

Swiz plays ROBLOX

The same thing happened to me. Only the part when the stranger took her.

Ethan pearson

that is awesome