Funky - Promesas (Video Oficial) feat Indiomar

Mi gente recuerden que pueden seguirme en mis redes

Charlie Primeau

that stranger things easter egg is epic

Laughing Jack

In the rage monster clip, the tree got it's revenge my taking his hat off lol


This don't make sense how would you get that jerk boy to get in the story plus it's the same voice from every video too

Say day don’t give up

Nick Fliglebiggen

I’m gonna take my Ak 47 and shoot the old lady AND the boyfriend.

TotheK I N G D O M

My favorite job so far in my life...not having one. What work will make me happy? Not working...its a job, I've had to keep up with it. as of right now thats my answer. Being in the Marine Corps, working a horrible job that I hated for 4 years, taught me a lot. I gave them that, i didn't know my real options joining the military, and let the recruiter put a list in front of me to choose becuase now, I realize she had a quota to fill, instead of waiting or going to a different recruiter for what I really wanted to sign up as. I picked some stupid shit I never should have and I can't believe I didnt UA to be 100% honest, that's how much I hated that fucking was like punishment that I had to just grit and bare. I gave the USMC 4 years of my life with that MOS and 2 deployments, and at the end of my contract they wouldn't let me lateral move...into what I had been wanting to superiors wouldn't let me go to MARSOC selection even though I fucking trained for it and was getting 290+ PFT since bootcamp and which was better than my entire shop, made CPL in less than a year after graduating bootcamp...hadn't been in any real trouble, and did the fucking job I hated for years pretty damn well. They just wouldn't let me do shit but reinlist under that same stupid ass job...all that time I gave to that fucking organization and got jack shit in return in the end. Fuck that..I love the USMC, but that was some bullshit and fuck that job, they need to give it civilians so they can quit it whenever they want If they dont like to deal with stupid bullshit daily. And to the infantry guy that came down on the working party that day who said he wished he had my job...NO THE FUCK YOU DONT. Nope, what the Marine Corps really taught me in the end was NEVER work a fucking job you hate...NEVER do that shit because it will kill you in some form or fashion. Dieing from the work you do at a job you love, I bet is far better than letting some bullshit at work you hate, kill you. I'm not gonna put the MOS number, so dont ask...most people who picked my mos that I worked with enjoyed the work, I hated it..not many hated it as much as me. VA has been the best thing about leaving the military btw. I thank them for everything these past 6 years.

Ira Cleary

You should do food for another target

Anonym Girl

I think I'm gonna drive this car...


Not gonna lie, at the end when panda went down on his knees I thought they were going to shoot him in the head XD

mP Pm


ᗩᑎIYᗩᕼ ᑎOᗯ

😞This is every girls fear😞

Helen Tang

Why can’t u guys unmask panda?

oliver tanhk

Panda dabbed at 2:39

Kate Miller

Divorce his ass. What is so hard about this. Be an example for your daughter.


Just wanna see panda

Zach Mills

Butchered that Aussie accent.

It's like I'm paranoid lookin' over my back

Daniel Sucee

It’s ya boi Elon musk

Yesh Dahiya

Pause 4:40

Aesthetic Potato

Why does the really pretty girl in the animation really ugly

Chris Harrington

it's in the christmas story


I love how these guys just break world records whenever they want. Wait. Did I say "these guys?" I meant ty.

Suga's Hoe


Алексей Смирнов

Теперь ясно откуда Клик клак идею для видео спиздили


okay, first let me say that I love what these guys do, BUT there's something a little strange about this shot.I don't doubt that he made it, but I don't think he made it the first time - and here's why...The guy driving the four-wheeler is wearing his PINK hat while pulling the shooter, BUT in the slow motion replay he's not... weird... unless that was just extra footage they shot after the fact in order to get more camera angles.

Roblox Godzilla2008

Those looks like cuffins

One Bulby boi

Why is it only 6 minutes?

Brendan Greene

where do you get the mini trampolines

uga Ka

I need to stop sleeping at nights.




Here’s an idea: hide Easter eggs, in the Easter egg videos, where you show the Easter eggs you have hidden in other episodes. Mind. Blown.

Cool Caleb

bobby: *gets so many hits on people

Josh Hall

Garrett was the funiest

regular everyday normal motherfu**er

Atleast she had a boyfriend

Too fat-gets bullies

Nikki Bergmeier

I love dude perfect

Pip Duffell

I Know that it's garatt