Gipsy Kings - Love Songs (Audio CD)

199600:00:01 - Un Amor00:03:42 - Gitano Soy00:08:12 - A Mi Manera00:12:06 - No Volveré00:15:58 - Love & Liberté00:19:54 - Quiero Saber00:24:03 - Mi Corazon00:28:34 - Caminando Por La Calle00:32:54 - Madre Mia00:36:46 - Passion00:39:49 - Habla Me00:43:56 - Tu Quieres Volver00:47:13 - Mujer00:51:30 - Trista Pena00:56:03 - InspirationEste album é quase igual ao Cantos de Amor (1999). A única faixa diferente é "Caminando por la Calle" (É a mesma faixa encontrada em Mosaique versão europeia)This album is almost equal to Cantos de Amor (1999). The only different track is "Caminando por la Calle" (It's the same track found in Mosaique European version)Este álbum es casi igual a Cantos de Amor (1999). La única pista diferente es "Caminando por la calle" (Es lamisma pista que se encuentra en Mosaique versión europea)Cantos de Amor (1998) = (Europe) =


That shanty reminds me of the song no role models. Well, just the leave her part.

Gabriel Lisud

The long ball

Derstinkstiefel 9000

Yeee 5minuteVideos :D

Xx_Foxy _cubs_xX

I was looking at the wall when Kylie had the pink robe then I heard Angelina and was like “what, umm... who said my name?” Then resized Kylie said it lol 😂

Ezekiel Chiaramonte

Im most definitely the phone guy


In thefinal ty misses

She wasn't hanging aroung with Jeff before he got in with David

Leigh Cardenio

Cobies phone was the same as mine

Frei Bylander

Feel the rythm, feel the ride, hang on Cody, ITS BOBSLED TIME!


Chandler: yes

Doctor Irsad

Amazing perfect


Tyla Yaweh came a long way. I said he would blow up one day. It took longer than expected. Better late than never I say. I started rocking with him on that 444 joint.

Hanson Vuong

Best part is 4:27 enjoy :)

lvl40spinosaurus aegyptiacus

I would never do such thing

Ushi K

Bangtan Boys: The cause of our EUPHORIA ❤