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Cieran Johnson

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Malcolm Cooper


Brooke Cidonio

Who's watching in 2016?

Isaac Gonzalez

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Link: I don't feel so good

General Jarry

I'm the first one

PotaTomato Man

It was obviously checkers, But i thought it was tic-tac-toe when it was half-way completed

josh Armstrong

Has anyone noticed how red his eyes are @1:03


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Baseball Guy01

Where’d this awesome series go? Btw, if y’all ever come back, do MLB.

Ganondorf: "i'm gonna pretend i didnt see that"

Manny Salazar

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Yeah i heard that too

Antonio Ardai

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It takes place after Bioshock 1, but it has a prologue that happens before Bioshock 1.

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It's alright there's no fall damage in apex

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Chioma Egwuonwu

There is definitely something wrong with sexting. I don't know why she said there's nothing wrong with it

Mathew: I had 12 months of treatment

Hugh Haefner

James Cordon is a massively talented entertainer. He can do it all. His show is the very best late show, talk show, whatever category you want to put him in. He's the best since Johnny Carson and I believe he's outdone Carson. Colbert, Fallon and the rest are light years behind James Cordon.

Reid Jensen


Also Girl: um that’s not true


Totally going to main FL4K.

DaTeag Slimes

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rufsuf OVO

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I'm patato master

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Fred Horne

you guys inspired me to play all day

Death Boy

Can anyone tell me was that electricity coming for the fire when he spray water on it?

Taaliq Aquozimadin

They never even laid out a lure.

The hot tub guy