My Candy Love University Life Episode 13 Hyun

My Candy love University Life Episode 13 - ReconnectedThe network is finally back up! Chani and you have so many things to tell each other, and someone else wants to see you... An opportunity to talk to your crush, and meet up in the dark.I will let you see how to get the illustration with Hyun.I have made an episode guide you can find it here: the video with Nathaniel's illustration: the video with Priya's illustration: the video with Castiel's illustration: links to find meWebsite: Candy Love:

D o o d

Lol I like that weird part with chickens HAha

Berkay Oğuz

02:46 music name ?


Gavin m

Why don't you go haha man

Rekt U

2:05 Was that a Babish reference?


It's an arcade game, doesn't have the same funding as a retail title, cut it some slack.

Day 2: HEY YOU! LET ME OUT gets out not knowing has stained favorite PJ's

Owen Sullivan

Fabio moscadelli

gta v shooting look like max payne 3 its beautiful

Julian Lozanov

Like how he mentions Fortnite 😂

Nathan Sprovieri


Mefik Media

Damn. I rarely comment on videos, but I have been a subscriber for quite a while now. But now I have to comment: Awesome taste in music, on top of a great video! Keep it up!

Owen Durkin

is the video length a referance to the predicted 911 coincidence from the first deaus ex?

Jcoombs 31

No bully but at the start of the video you looked like jason

But not us


That must have been a traumatizing experience. All I can say is that you can have a better future, it might go away soon, and that curiosity is not always good.

Nazik Ali


lee heka

Is that jason voorhees in the dead island or dead island riptide



No Bully

Real title stickman edition

ryan clair

seriously who wasn't hitting on her lol




Sometimes you just have to take yo balz and not cry

seth brink


Doesn't the colony to the right look like it spells "Google" ?

Purple hoser

Diamond panda Adventures

I know what anxiety feels like, I don’t have all the symptoms but I do get some of them


Henry Cox

Looks insane. All boxes ticked

I Was At The Shop And I Was Going To Buy A Little Sweet...