DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You [Lyric Video]

SPOTIFY! - song that I have been excited for, for a LONG time. I have the pleasure of providing the official lyric video for DJ Snake & Justin Bieber's track "Let Me Love You". Personally I don't know if I like Cold Water or Let Me Love You more but they are both incredible. Hope you enjoy. :)Stream "Encore" on Spotify: Snake:Bieber:video by: If you'd like to submit a picture, you can send it here:the new template if you would like to submit a picture! :)


anyone see him fall at 2:07?

Joshua McLeod

What about the Fallout 4 Ted Easter Egg where you can find a bear on the toilet reading the news while wearing glasses

Davasha Turner



I'm sorry but what's with the bottles at the end if the video?


@connor2644 of course not

Kade Morrill

No, you can only find it in one place...


if you have depression chance are your parents will sometimes cause part of the anxiety so telling them is not always the best or easiest thing tell a friend or family member you feel the most comfortable with if you are that friend let me say if they refuse to talk about it just remind and tell them this :well if you ever need to talk I'm always available to talk: or something on those lines



The last one was amazing



Actually the pickaxe is a double reference, both to notch and a climber who was last near the peak of mount everest, who carried a pickaxe with notches on it.

Donovan Mason

Dude perfect be care full with a shot gun AND DONT PLAY WITH THEN😠😠😁😁

Josh Dier

wait wahh philippines eyy wahsupp

Atharva Deokar

I think I am in love with Simran😍.

Gregor Catane

Anyone else notice dorian kahled at 5:22?

I don't understand it in any way (Any way)

Ashley Reynolds

I am so sorry coby

blue 47 Bk

think back when you pre-order the game how many bugs did you find versus the ones that you just bought non pre-ordered before the pre-order days

Maksym Siwecki

OKay WTF is this shit at 1:12? WHERE IS BLOOD? Why creators do not understand that DB is brutal? I'm sick of it. I wanted to buy this game, I really did, but now I will probably ignore it. Maybe it's stupid, to be mad just because of a lack of blood, but I remember how DBZ was serious about fights. And with this new wave that DB Super began, I feel so dissapointed every time I see something with a lot of potential, but wasted because family friendly bullshit. Gosh I hate it so much...

Galaxy moon ;3 LOL

Wow your mother should learn

GalaxyDounut Hi

San Francisco 49ers


@kyung415 i can do that easily by video editing.believe me.this video isnt clear to me.they should show with a good angle.i just believe when i saw it on my own eyes.if this true , maybe he just get lucky after try that so many times.everybody can do that.

Oğuzhan Saçma

Bu adamlar çılgın mk 🇹🇷

Maya goes gacha lol

so basically you're just gay?

Evbest21 Nielsen

Dude perfect rock

Logan Thomes

Patriots are better than the rams

Logan Clement


Shayan Abuzar


sKinNY leGeND

Emma Chamberlain in a few years ☺☺☺


Do u remember when roomie called jaiden selfish

joe rod

Great vid.

RDI Gang

it should be 1000 likes for part 3 and more trick shots!!!!!Thumbs Up if you agree!!


what about Totes the goat?

Zuhair Farwana


Jeremy West

most of the players were responding out of pity

Vlog By Mia

I also have pstd:(