Chris de Burgh - Lady in Red (with lyrics)

Gacha Twins

Wait if u only use your phone for school stuff then how did you submit this story..?

Annakate Armour


Healthy Smiles

I wonder how many attempts did it take the horse shoe?

Dashawn Johnson


Now what? "War on nature" ??

Mr. Panda

Its funny to see the kids in the back trying not to laugh😂😂😂

Maks O

so not cool



Sixto Nunez

I fell bad for ty

Messi Plays 10

I love the gocart shot

Nicholas Bunda

Only a crazy man holds a pizza like panda does

Hypnotic Ghost

I always forget my wedges😭

Break break breakthrough


so many interesting things in dat damn game

Jaaay Squad

I have anxiety really bad where everything crosses my mind and I worry and sometimes it gets so bad that sometimes I feel like somebody is sitting on my chest and I can’t breathe

Dhamu Uma

I love dude perfect

Bani Faqih

Why there are no Big Hero 6 2?

3. Profit???

Danielle Lu

lily is goals

roses are red, violets are blue, but christopher browns boo is black and blue too, LMFAO 🔥

Manal mohamed

I really really feel a nice feeling when I see you together .. I watched a video when you were 17. That made me feel as if I wanted to cry I really wish I had a twin brother. I love you guys and wish you a happy life.


1 like for ONE PUNCH to Pervert Teacher Face


You already know that like 7 people are gonna watch this



The Professor

I'm think the Starbucks inn the scene is just funny


Samuel Galarza

un shynigami

Andrea Mesa Makeup

Wow!!! This deserves an award 😳 you guys are killing it!!!! Also I loved the end all cheaters deserve 💆🏼‍♀️🤣


It was 13 bounces

Osama Bin Laden

0.01% of the comments- nice song!

Stevenson The Bird

I feel so bad for Ty in the finale



- RookwanMF -


Matt Randall

how come it looks like only half the video has been color graded?

Gacha Lyrics Queen

Omg 😮

basic girl vlogs

I think Ethan got a A on English Grayson got a b and emma got a u

Hassan Diallo

Who watch 2019

Jaelyn Anderson

I’m team Cory!!!

Sanvil Fernandes

that is epic

Rohan Narasimhan


Josh McBride


Daniel O'Connor

you should do drag racing

Joanne Lloyd

Dude this is alsome like and komont if you agree


The counter on Splatoon, very creepy.

My eyes are starting hurt from cry now but this video is very sad.

Stella Kuang Vlogs

It's okay, i had to live this life too. stay positive, and you got this!

Kaci Collins

Do over times

Miks Henrijs Ozoliņș

Billy i love soccer


People used to be so active in work in the old days

Daggi Dufa

17:58 funny Ksi

When she said that, i soon realized and understand what she's telling me