Valora tu novio 💔💔 (conversacion de whatsapp)

Valora a tu novio para que no te arrepientas,que es difícil encontrar a alguien quien te quiera,así que valora a tu pareja. #triste #reflexion #parejas

Gaby_gachawolf X0X

Hi Im a ten-year-old immigrant from Venezuela and stable in the USA I’m still waiting to see if I’d get approved to be a resident

Ginny Smith


Juan Imana

Why did we dint see her ass

Møss *

finna get a pro ana account :P

CruzV Nenadich

Why is cody so picky in cool not cool

Luisito Alexander


Mushytacos 888

Cody is mr excuses irl


Can someone please explain the plot?

Frigo Pie


Seamus O'Sullivan

Football Mecca

Mathias Mjåland

4.48 "thats the sound i am LOOKING for"

👇 and also I hope her sis is in a better place 😔

Rich Burmond

Bye competitive scene


Jared Mislan

When that last one came up i was like "ooh that's not so creepy, he's kinda cute" then the part about drowning came up and i was like ".....and now its creepy"

Chetan Pawar

Best video of dude perfect. If it it funny hit the like

rocky 28

Make a new stereotypes video

Raven Sorrows

I was actually thinking they would just sing the song

Queen Potato

I know this feeling exactly.


LOL the farting unicorn XD


Nnoooo r2!!! Loved this vid man :3

Denis Klyuchnikov

sling shot )



JJ jones

Definitely Pam is the best one at dancing

Michell Atkinson





7:05 "Oh-- and-" come on, this is a joke now wtf

Wafa Nammari

wats the song yo guys

hashim Who needs no introduction aziz

Some countries do that I think of maybe in the old times(I call it that don’t have an issue).Like for example football in the old times they wouldn’t let girls play.And even for the Romans I think they never let the woman go outside.And I actually think when people do that it’s wrong and isn’t nice.This video makes me smile.I LUV DIS!GURLS CAN GO SCHOOL OKAY

Gábor Huszár

whats up with the bootles at the end?

Aron Vargyas

You are my favorite youters!!

Iosua Patolo

Khabib Vs Tony nxt


I'm with you Sophie

alexandre lambert

slender easter egg??


I hate it when both top comments is a reply

Colin King

he said this video sucks and tht these were easy

Brennan Davies

Can you make Hockey stereotypes and can it have a Rage monster


Anastasia Mitchell

They should collaborate with Javier Baez

That 1 Nerdy boy

Yo Garrett, I’d say a skull with a silver tooth would be bad

hem lya

Bish they OWN this year

Ian Fernandez

“This... is the tequila shot”

Lucas Master069

At 5:34 someone was holding a gun at Cory


Your super 👌

Winston S

This channel deserves 1 mil subscribers not keem

please sub :(


Pop Out More Ft. NLE Choppa And Nba Youngboy