2018年最火的英文歌曲 + 歐美流行音樂 + 超好聽中文+英文歌曲(精心挑選) 2018最近很火的英文歌 + KKBOX綜合排行榜 2018

Top Chinese Songs 2018: Best Chinese Music Playlist


who else watches in 2017? damn they look so different

Bisma Nazir

Flip eraser


Here we go Screen Rant, oh wait....

Salvador Chavez

I prefer soccer

♞ Go Fuck Yourself ♞

lol fail,I just saw what you thought the easter egg was.How didn't you see the giant rat?

Sarah Sherwell

Lachlan i think you can go to the swimming game with your father in the pool if you don't have it in the room or something so he can go to sleep in a i like your mor


Dang that was so funny how he looked when he stepped in

Footballl And Me

Welcome to my world :)

Shane Wilson

The limbo was awesome!


That 3rd one is a bit creepy lol

Lourdes Sulla

Wow Magic!!!

xDuck Playz

I dont really care who wins ill still eat at texas roadhouse

Josie Whales

Texas roadhouse is way better


Eduardo Marquez



Mohammed Shafique

My mum lost 4 children without telling my father and still dosent know I know what it feels like it