Composure II | A Chill Mix

• MrOtterMusic -: mrottermusic• Tracklist - 00:00 - 03:28One Direction & Taylor Swift - Perfect /Style (Jonah Baker Mashup)03:29 - 06:57Calum Scott - You Are The Reason (Jonah Baker Cover)06:58 - 10:02The Chainsmokers (feat. Phoebe Ryan) - All We Know (Jonah Baker Cover)10:03 - 12:59Taylor Swift - Delicate (Jonah Baker Acoustic)13:00 - 16:29John Mayer - Love on the Weekend (Jonah Baker Cover)16:30 - 19:47Elvis Presley - Cant Help Falling In Love (Chase Eagleson Acoustic Cover)19:48 - 22:24David Guetta ft Justin Bieber - 2U (Jonah Baker Cover)22:25 - 25:30Selena Gomez Marshmello - Wolves (Jonah Baker Coverr)25:31 - 29:25Taylor Swift - Delicate (Jonah Baker Acoustic)29:26 - 33:41Linkin Park - Shadow of the Day (Chase Eagleson Acoustic Cover)33:42 - 38:05Ed Sheeran - How Would You Feel (Chase Eagleson Acoustic Cover)• Submit Artwork :tracks, mixes and questions to mrottermusic@gmail.comPlease subscribe and like for more.

ConnLR7 783

Bob JR.

bi*chhh NooO

At 1:01 look at Elle😍😂😂 Elle and Alïa do too many cute things together during the call at the begging. Loved this 4:53 by the way😍❤😂

Nadine Sweisss

Who’s studying rn for finals

Priyank agarwal

250 yd pool party was the best shot in the video

Kaydi Prescott

Aye its my main boys Ethan and Grayson!!!!!! I love you guys so much!!!!!!!!1

Dean Rands

Was there a specific Easter egg or set of Easter eggs that made you interested in them or made you want to make a YouTube series about them (I guess I mean a tipping point of sorts)?



I felt that a lot of times and I didn't like anxiety it still scares me and bringing down on everything that I do.

Liddy Lede

Did anyone know the Death Valley map is goat sim goatville

Rarlow Taylor

What’s the track playing in the background from??

Tahoora A Ghiasy



They say que so many times that they say it more then Mr.Beast saying Logan Paul 100,000 times

Gustavo Santiago

Dumb bot why would people tell other people to do anorexia


I was born Jan 9

Jami Saviaro

that music at the end 10/10

drowsytiger2944 0

What is u riding

DeezNuts 247

coby looks better


Is that "Pure Imagination" in the background?

Zachary Gonzalez

A some😎😎😎


What's up with the piano at the end part?

NoviceGamer Tutorials and Gaming

What if panda was a one man team of dude perfect

Benson Shen

December 2018???

Zayana Chowdhury

I love you Mom!!!!

Bean Burrito Supreme

FunWithGuru will there ever be a one hour video of easter eggs :O That would be some insane shit right there.


Like "Dude Perfect"? Then come watch our newest video "Boys Perfect"!

Jordaly Allen

Oh my gosh the baby is super cute !!!!!

Playzguy 0806

Coby: I am Toast Man