Musically de Adry Riv

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Jay B

The name of the yt channel is definitely true

If a guruchuck could chuck guru?

Challenged Cracker

Who is watching this in 2017?

PNG Byron

This is lit

JadeHackz_ Gaming

Do you even eat bro


Dude Perfect > Brodie Smith any day.

B Money

I Fucking Love Your Vids 😜

Daniel Mete

bad joke

Boys and girls nowadays are naive and stupid for dating someone who treats them like shit.

melody dunn


Johnny R

And this isnt all of them yet

GrazeMann One

In the Westworld easter egg apears the pianola and the W from the logo of Westworld 3:05

Javier Elfresco

master :)

8% is commenting that they don’t care and love them

Meghan Laurence

Shame the eggs

j buRneR

And you do it awsome ! nice vid ;)