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me: bobby has aimbot

oᄌo roawr

KIDS this what happens when you let a girl step on your legos

foxy 1908

Thanks for tip

Charlie Tallentire

A human


I dont even have to watch the video to know im gunna like them

Shrek and donkeys bizarre adventure

i would end my life but speedwaggon would be disappointed

The BleepingYoutuber

who here saw the thumbnail and instantly knew there would be a star wars easter egg

Shadajah Thornton

I would have murdered john and jumped put the car before my mom could turn it off.

Sveja 29

My mum would just say I'm overreacting. It's not that easy 🤷🏼‍♀️


the ball curved. for those idiots that think this is fake

Raman Ak finish

that heavens gate reference tho

James CKC

Got a Hole in one before, I did.

Flex Argyle

Fcngg my little pony logic. Brony


What about a video with Easter Eggs or Theories from the "GTA V JetPack/Mount Chilliad Mistery"?

ThatLightNinja 1997

What's the song in this video

Gacha Zaxk

Oof just reject him and say


you didnt show "savage starlight comic poster" on the wall next to the tlou 2 poster. savage starlight are the comics ellie collects in tlou :v


Cory should win

Joessy Heng

Epic Music

Zack games and vlogs


Sarah Jellings



How did he get jug, quick revive, and raygun mark 2 on round 1 !!!!!!????

Otis Crowder

My favorite was golf trick shots.

RIP to the casualty

Kelsey Matish

Michaels face look funny at 2:47

Luisa Plantier Martins

BRAVO! You are so talented James Corden!!!!

garlic bread

Look at the license plate on his car at 2:35 

Nesrine Lasnami

My boyfriend was Lilly I was both Paul and Jane and i ruined it.

XxxGalxay Gacha xxx Abdulla

I am from Dubai


Tbh i skip the whole video i just want to see how much they spend

Cody _

I don't want this. I want new original ideas for new original movies. This one didn't need a sequel and I'm tired of all these sequels and prequels. Give me something new!

Kalpana Zodge

Nach ra Mara is the song

Zilla Freak

I have theory idea. it is, could burning godzilla work in real life?

Victoria Sounny Slitine

A 3:25 la balle disparaît c'est normal ? 😐 En plus elle réapparaît juste après (il faut la regarder au ralenti) ce n'est pas très honnête de votre part 😦

Reaper The Indoraptor

This looks better than the first movie.

Eka Fitri Wulandari

Gak sabar deh😍


Music was awful but I still liked the video overall. Keep it up!

Donald Trump shall rule the world

Barbara Drake

ones apon a time you lollipop poop


Gentry Carter

its not photoshoped

Cassidy King

Who else cried

Nina C

How to cry in 04 : 05 ~

Hoshi Mochi

you call bad grades an A-!!!!!

Ester Leng

Thank you to the man who stayed with her the whole time even when she wasn’t Able to have a baby

Sean Del Gallo

Check out my video Swish's 2nd Video and the third

Altaaf Dulloo

Dat watchdogs 2 easter egg man...

I spent a day with family vloggers.

VividRook 71021

You should be the new outrider


My son has almost the exact same story, at nine years old. Only we were fortunate. We went to a doctor who said he didn't know what the problem was and was smart enough to advise us to go to the emergency room. My son was also in the PICU for a few days. Seeing this girl's story, I feel blessed that we didn't go to a doctor like she had the misfortune of going to.