This Little Light of Mine

This version of the song is from a video done by Psalty the Singing Song Book. The video is called Psalty's Funtastic Praise Party. The song belongs to the rights of Ernie and Debbie Rettino who created Psalty. I don't own this content and I DO NOT make any profit off of it. Some of these puppets were bought from They sell GREAT puppets. And they're custom made.

Jenn Fischer

Who is actually in the panda costume? Is it Tim or chad?


I'm watching this, and I'm a...


When did they sue mojang?

Shalini Verma

Rematch please?

Dayo Custodio

Strange...when I first meet someone they look fine, but if they're complete (colorful word), they look like (previous colorful word)

Dav Lynch

The puppy is so cute

Rodrigo Ferreira

Victor vance and Lance Vance also appear in two gta's, gta vice city and vice city stories


you know that if your first chute fails you cut it then put out your second one so... this is fake lmao

Lara Valeria

I got bullied because I think a group of people doesn't deserve human rights. Omg that's so sad cries


your parents suck

Tanima Ghosh

The trio uploading together #friendship_goals ♥

Mike yisa

1:06 totally demolished


finding dory next pls i saw it and i think i saw an easter egg

Oscar Gomez

I do perfect I'm a big fan of yours can I please have the nerf guns


So you can beat farcry 5 the exact same way as farcry 4?

Hayden Hatcher


Sophia Nguyen



isa duraku

hey those soldiers that wor talking are from they BFF's  I think appsro or thick44

꧁ ৡۣۜ͜͡ Scar Face ৡۣۜ͜͡ ꧂

So do apex legends and titan fall take place in the same universe or they just used the same weapons