Tyga - Taste (Official Video) ft. Offset

From the album, "Legendary".Stream: by d.a. domanOfficial music video by Tyga featuring Offset performing Taste. © 2018 Last Kings Music / EMPIRE

Banana man Jacob

Sterotypes hockey

Pro Faber

Youre so awesome. Keep making videos

Fisheyecrane :D

#YIAYjob I feel that she works in an office. So let's go with lawyer, to save you from YouTube copyrights.

Thiemen van Akker

The normal Guy

Liam Wall

Omg u guys r so cool! I watch ur videos just about every day an enjoy the time and ef

Ariel Johnson

Test Arbonne products!!

Ashley G

Oh and by the way I can cach one hand to and I'm only 8years old

Dylan Akers

That was Dude perfect

Kris Lee

Cowboys 4 life

king furqi

make a video of FOOTBALL

Boscar Toop

Stay my name

Brandon Sampayo

Whats the song at 5:10???

Никита Алексеев

У меня горит от осознания того, что это видео в трендах русского Ютуба.

Jasim Ali

Tell me how u just do that And also some damn fine recipes for popsicles.


I Love it please do more and you have a Great voice you Rock :)

Zak Storm


MOHtube everyday lived first with your mum & your stepdad but now with your father & brother?

Just Bella

fORtNitE gOT mE HoMELeSs.



michelle foster

The freakin' cheese weasles pft haha

chadev malcolm

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Shy Gamingreplayer



I’m Chaos Opener

Mayra Perez

Nintendo can you please bring it on Wii U because my mom would not buy me a Nintendo switch and I’m a huge Zelda fan

Weep Woop

My man 💿 Clap

Kirill Machiavelli

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Azul Gomez

How cute

Da Bois

4:19 it’s a f*cking pie

Juan se

Mis personajes favoritos!!!!!! Dude perfect VS power rangers

E to The A

5:29 Really James you should have 11 BILLION SUBS

Davante Lewin

Favorite players from both sports

1.In the beginning did you see that they didnt show the science grade

Ann Marie

How much did they offer you for the pics? 💸

Shadow Gamer

FABULASTIC man keep video like this


This is as if howtobasic stopped wasting food and started to talk ....👌love it tho

Andrea Morales

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Carter Matthews

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Thumbnail shows picture of 2 soy melts with mouths open ready to take soy D. Ill pass in this shit

xXSCAR117Xx Gaming

Looking good so far.

Dah Bunz

It's blocky

Soundlot Entertainment

I love ❤️ you’re videos

Lyrics Mania

How do you do level 18 dude perfect 2 games.


Keyur Apte

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Ann: u six PIECE CHCIKEN MCNOBODY GET THE FUUC AWAY I really like the style with the flowers and all the orange colours. So yea. 14:25

A.M.A Studios

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Alpaca Conductor

Yay finally

James-Lachlan McCallum

That ending XD Great job!

Jaxon Coleman

Any one still watching 2019

Xavier Mcrant



You forgot to show that the butter bridge is a reference from Super Mario World