We CAUGHT The Toy Master FOR GOOD!

Lulu is trapped by the Toy Master and the silly kids, Addy and Maya, have to solve secret clues and figure out a way to set her free from the escape room. The pretend Toy Master has a lot of tricks up his sleeve and this time his plan is pretty crazy! The girls are sent on a wild goose chase through the Toy Hotel and have to use all of their wits to outsmart their foe. Will Addy and Maya figure out the Toy Master's riddles and rescue Lulu? You'll have to watch to find out!Shop our NEW merch, including shirts, stickers, backpacks, beach towels, posters, and more:credits:Duchess of Doom by Hill (2x)A Real Go Getter by Dresden, the FlamingoArena by OBOYCurb Dance by Avocado JunkieChip Chop Chip by Neon BeachLift Up by OBOYBrenner by FallsChristopher Walked by FallsAt the Funkyard by Bright SeedEmpty Fridge by Fey FoxxGuardians by Caleb EtheridgeSun Maestro by Isaac JoelHome Run by Avocado junkeString Thing by HillRIVLZ by Matt WigtonMellifera Linguistica by Isaac JoelLeft Foot Forward by Yung KooladeWise Guys by Dresden, the FlamingoWalkin' the Dog by Dresden, the FlamingoRazor by Matt Wigton

travis delahunty

That is so unfair why is Ty in all the trick shots

Maraea Walker

Interesting take a lot to shut down KD



Yanirys Rodriguez

The baller 30you right they should tell us who he is

Haley Kuebbeler

Your closet is 10x bigger than my room...

Gibs Black ops zombie/multiplayer

Cody had glasses waAa

baiju muhammed

Airsoft battle....and also a giveaway of nerf

Party Stripes

the hammer is actually a reference to sledge hammer games which made advance warfare

[Dynamax Electrode used Self-Destruct!]


you forgot the chuck norris one 

Shivam Verma

My friend dev rattan quit playing basketball after watching your shots lmaoooo

Jacob Bardonaro

hello dude perfect my name is Jacob on a bardonaro I live in Cincinnati Ohio and I wanted to know if you could go to the Bengals Stadium or the Reds Stadium and I could perform a video with you


I was also disappointed with the game,gameplay trailer and demo looked amazing, it confirm that all games are not made to become open world, if you pay attention to the streets, it's so empty(yeah I know, you have no business in the streets so there is no need to make it very lively but it's sad)

Awesome 360100

I'm so envious of you guys.

David Lake

someone stole from you his or her name is glurdrvived

Rizwan khan

I really loved the illusions they made my head shade and in the second one I was like there was magnet or something


can u pls stop making idiot jokes?

Nintendo switch World

Maybe you should make trick shot stereotypes


Do you even know what Timbits are

Lucky Xiong

FINALLY! A video with real hidden eater eggs! All of the videos I've seen are of super obvious ones like Peter stopping the train being a throwback to Spider-Man 2 or of Stan Lee ad the store owner. Thanks Guru.

Leviathan Malnox

this collection makes me think of the song sex and candy by marcy playground

Also do creature with the club is called a troll in the movie.

IRush_Noobz- YT

Yo sub to me

Slain Snake

Is this a new force unleashed game?

The History Buff

song rolling stones

Sophia Hughes

Stories about anorexia make me so sad. I just wanted to give her a hug!!


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) sp00ky

A Viewer

Your voice is smooth and soothing, y u no use it in vids

Envy Desime

Me After Watch The TrailerWhat The Heck Is The Giant Near The EndingWhy Are They Go To Stonehenge

-Gets 3,415


Spash fam

Who’s recording,Ty’s brother or panda


ahhhh i love DP!

Alfonso Figueroa

Yes I'm early I got a joke

Keatin Werleman

Where is garrett


Do one for halo 4!

M. V.

I read the description... I need to read my bible.

Cameron Gibson

60 yard field goal


I thought you would talk about the game more in this one


7 = I God8 = Big Time